Expert Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

Have You Seen the Warning Signs?

If you have noticed various problems throughout your home that point to concrete slab foundation problems, it is imperative you hire professionals to help remediate the situation as quickly as possible. If ignored, foundation issues can cause incredibly expensive, and sometimes irreversible, damage to homes.

Dual Walled Steel Piers - Foundation Repair - 1st Choice Foundation Repair

Dual Walled Steel Piers

Dual Walled Steel Piers Offering Premium Protection for the Future.

While our concrete piers are driven into the substrate until refusal, our Dual Walled Steel Piers are driven ALL THE WAY TO BEDROCK. In other words, until they literally hit rock bottom giving your foundation a solid base which won’t be swayed by time or the elements. This is the best way to protect your foundation.

Concrete Pressed Piers

Affordable solution for concrete slab foundation repair.

Concrete pressed piers are the classic affordable solution for your concrete foundation problem. The precise number of concrete cylinders are placed under your foundation and pressed into the substrate until refusal.

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How Do Dual Walled Steel Piers Save Thousands?

By driving our dual walled steel piers ALL THE WAY TO BEDROCK, your home is COMPLETELY protected FOR GOOD, unlike pressed concrete piers.

Most consumers don’t realize that with pressed concrete piers, you will ALWAYS have to take continued and costly precautions like gutter and french drain installation, soaker systems and foundation monitoring to ensure that your foundation problems don’t return. These preventative measures often cost up to $6,000. With Dual Walled Steel Piers, once your foundation is fixed, it is fixed for good with no need for further precautions.

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