With Pier and Beam Foundations, Experience Makes all the Difference in the World.

At 1st Choice, we know that Pier and Beam foundations come with their own unique set of challenges, especially in the DFW area where most pier & beam foundations are tied to older homes. With our 25+ years of experience, our team of owners, operations managers and foreman have critical knowledge and understanding to make your pier and beam repair proceed without issue.

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Pier & Beam Warning Signs

Windows/Doors Sticking

While it doesn’t always indicate a foundation issue, windows or doors that start sticking should raise concerns.

Flooring Issues

If you notice unusual floor movement like your flooring sagging, dipping or sinking this could be a pier & beam foundation problem.

Sheetrock Cracks

If you begin to notice cracking inside your home, especially within your sheetrock, this should be a cause for concern.

Floor Coverings

If you notice your tile or stone floor start to break or crack or your wood floor start to bend or creak, it might be your pier & beam foundation.

Our Pier & Beam Repair Process

Whether we end up using Concrete Piers or our Dual Walled Steel Piers, our step by step process will ensure that your foundation is given optimal care and restoration.

Free Consultation

As always, we will provide you with a 100% free consultation for all “Homeowners” where one of our representatives will come to your home determine what works needs to be done (if any) and provide you an estimate.

Independent Engineer

While most foundation companies have an engineer “on staff” we purposefully ONLY use independent engineers to ensure only the necessary work is completed on your home.

All Work Will Be Done by 1st Choice Team Members

When it comes to your foundation, we don’t hire day laborers. Everyone who works on your home is a member of our team. They work on foundations… Every day… Both our operations manager and foreman have over 20 combined years in foundation repair experience.

Concrete Piers or Steel Piers? The Right Tool for a Critical Job

Warning…. We will likely be suggesting you use our dual walled steel piers as we can drive them all the way to bedrock and by using them, you will actually save thousands of dollars in the long run. However, if concrete piers are a better fit for your situation or your budget, we understand. At 1st Choice, we know every client is unique and it is our job to meet you where you are, while providing you expert foundation repair solutions.

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